Baoding Li Zhongdong An Light Alloy Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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Year / Establishment
10,000 pieces / Aluminum alloy wheel
10000 pieces / Aluminum alloy castings and forgings
Sleeve / Wheel mold
100 million yuan / Total investment
About Lizhong Dongan light alloy
Baoding Li Zhongdong An Light Alloy Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lizhong Wheel Group (stock code: 300428), is located in Qingyuan Economic Development Zone, Baoding City, covering an area of 250000 square meters (375 mu) and a building area of 125000 square meters,
The main buildings include: joint plant, office building, Lizhong Research Institute, etc., with a total planned investment of 1.56 billion yuan. The company specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of aluminum alloy wheels, lightweight auto parts and precision molds.
The company's construction projects: ① 4 million high-end aluminum alloy wheels, ② 2.4 million aluminum alloy steering knuckles, ③ 1 million new energy vehicle motor housings, ④ 2000 sets of precision molds, etc. After completion, the annual sales revenue can exceed 2 billion yuan.
Product display
Specializing in the design, R&D and manufacturing of aluminum alloy wheels and lightweight auto parts, the leading products are aluminum alloy wheels, steering knuckles, motor housings, etc
Aluminum alloy wheel
Aluminum alloy wheel
Lightweight auto parts
Lightweight auto parts
Precision wheel mould
Precision wheel mould
Aluminum alloy wheel
The company's products are mainly used for supporting high-end passenger vehicles,
with more than 100 product specifications and models.
18 inches
Bright black
Aluminium alloy
Lightweight auto parts
The company has a production capacity of 3.4 million pieces/year for aluminum alloy steering knuckle and motor housing. The lightweight and aluminized vehicles are the key technologies for fuel vehicles to save energy and reduce emissions and for new energy vehicles to improve their endurance.
Precision wheel mould
The precision die is the carrier of the key technology of casting aluminum alloy wheel, which is very important to the casting quality and efficiency of products.
The company has a mold production capacity of 2000 sets/year.
News and Information
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Technology Research and Development
Imagination is as important as knowledge, the spirit of being first is as important as the ability to do things!
R & D Capability
R & D Capability
Qualification Certification
Qualification Certification
Patented Techlology
Patented Techlology
The Technology Department of the Company relies on the Group's Technology Research Center to carry out product design and product manufacturing technology research and development. The Group's Technology Research Center has fully functional product research and development test equipment and more than 300 professional research and development personnel in the industry, to ensure the advantages of the Company's product development and manufacturing technology in the industry.
The company plans to pass the following system certifications: IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO/IEC 17025, etc.
The technology level of the company was improved and the intellectual property protection of the company was strengthened by using more than 620 patents, 140 scientific and technological achievements obtained by Lizhong Wheel Group and patents applied by the company. The Group has also undertaken many provincial and ministerial projects such as national international science and technology cooperation projects and transformation of national major scientific and technological achievements, and presided over and participated in drafting 19 national/industrial standards.
Major customers
The constant product research and development and market development have made the company form a reasonable and stable product market structure, so that we can better adapt to market changes; Stable product market structure guarantees our market competitiveness.